Gary World

Gary World: A brand new adventure game in which you must help Gary save a lovely princess from the wicked monsters in a strange jungle by navigating through a series of hurdles and leaping over super-sized creatures.


- Arrow keys to move and jump
- Space to fire
- Z key to use the mutant liquid. All creatures may be defeated by consuming power liquids and other things. Get more points by collecting all the coins and bonus goodies. Then you can buy more goods in the store.


— Smooth user interface 
— Music and sound effects 
— Suitable for kids & adults of all ages
— Game is free; no payment is necessary 
— Cool controls as in the old platformer games 
— Retro-style controls are easy to use and straightforward using the on-screen controller. 
—  Classic platform game style Gary's World is a tough and entertaining experience that will keep you entertained for hours.

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