Baby Hazel Reindeer Surprise

Baby Hazel Reindeer Surprise: Hurray! For a few days, Santa Claus gave Baby Hazel his reindeer. Let's aid her with proper baby reindeer care by joining Hazel. Keep small animals happy with their wonderful meals and fun-filled activities with it. Help Hazel to carry out all activities in animal care so Santa recognized her work.

Control: Mouse


- Baby Hazel receives an unexpected present: Baby Hazel receives Santa Claus' unexpected present. Want to know what it is? What? Play the level yourself and check it.
- Baby Hazel feeds the child's renin: Wow! Santa requested Hazel for a couple of days to maintain his reindeer with her. Oh! Little rhinestone is chaotic and its belly is empty. Can you assist Hazel to remove snow and feed its delicious meal from the body of the reindeer?
- Hazel Baby plays reindeer games: The tummy of Little Renaissance is packed and now her playtime. Let us have fun by hiding in their hide with Baby Hazel and baby reindeer.
- Hazel sleeps a child's reindeer: Her bedtime is no mood to take asleep, however, baby reindeer. Help baby Hazel sleep soundly by telling her engaging stories about bedtime.

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