Stickman Archer 4


Stickman Archer 4 is the fourth version of the highly popular archery game where you'll be fighting other arrow warfare archers! You are in a gloomy position this time, making it harder to identify your objective. Before the shoot you, it is your mission to shoot all stickman adversaries!

There are 3 distinct wave, gunner, and arcade modes for you to test included. Push your talents in archery to the maximum and trick anybody to confront you. There are exciting new weapons to buy to boost your chances and incredible powerups!

Control: Drag and drop left mouse to aim, shoot release.


— Archery game of Stickman 
— 3 styles of play: wave, arcade, and gunner
— A tough shooting system in which you can use a weapon instead of an arc
— Power-ups with a distinct effect
— Purchasing new weapons.

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