Road of Rampage

Get into your blinded automobile on the Road of Rampage, take your arms and attach your seatbelt. You're amongst adversaries that will not stop until you're dead in a post-apocalyptic world. Will you show them that you are the best driver here and teach them a lesson about not messing again with you?

Control: Mouse


— 2D graphics colorful 
— 3 update stats
— Controls intuitive
— Gameplay fun

  We don't know what occurred here, but it certainly wasn't nice because of the appearance of the wrecked houses beyond the road. Put the steering wheel in your hands. Boden the gas! They are close to your enemy and take no hostages. This game's goal is to overcome enemy waves to reach and fight the ultimate monster. The destruction of these many adversaries is not an easy job, but fortunately, the controls of this game are really easy! Your automobile is moving by itself, and everything you have to do is utilize the enormous weapon with your mouse on the top of your automobile. Click on the shot screen and drag the screen to adjust the destination. You can deal with your adversaries in numerous ways. You can see your skills bar at the bottom of the screen. You have only the airstrike option in the beginning. This causes rockets to rain from the sky and destroys anything on their course. With the coins, you earn by playing you may unlock more. This money may also be spent to improve your automobile from the in-game store to three different statistics. Can you make this trip survive?

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