Red Ball Forever


Get prepared to enter into a universe packed with many challenges in Red Ball Forever. Our beloved Red Ball character chose to take a role on that gorgeous day, but he needs your aid to dodge these barriers and opponents. Can you show his enemies when he wants the Red Ball to stop?

Who thought this perilous would be the world? In this game, if you are a giant red plastic ball, all may be a fatal menace! The goal of this game is to complete every level without ending up reaching the red flag. The game has 15 levels to finish, so you start better now! To start the game, click on the Play button on the main menu. At the start, you can only unlock the remaining level one by one. There are several difficulties to a level like peaks and adversaries. You should dodge them as much as you can since you have just 3 lives. Take damage and take care that takes a lifetime away from you. Gather the stars on each level you see. These may be used to unlock various models of character. Have fun, have fun! Have fun!


Control: WASD or Arrow keys


— Colorful 2D graphics
— Intuitive gaming controls 
— 15 distinct levels to unlock and play 
— 5 distinct skins to select from!

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