Money Movers 3

One of the hardest places to be a guard in a jail full of dangerous prisoners, but take your faithful guard dog in Money Movers 3, end this prison break. These criminals may believe they can frighten you with tattooed weapons and harsh looks, but they are ready to witness them cry out when they're cornered by their loyal canine buddy. Get the guard and his dog under control and show the convicts that they don't watch anyplace!

Control: To control the dog, use the arrow keys. To manage the security, use the WASD keys.


— Control of jail guard and guard dog 
— 20 graphical levels 
— 2D graphics
— Entertaining jigsaws

  In the Money Movers series, for the first time, a guard and his accompanying watchdog are changed and attempted to stop prisoners fleeing the jail in the third game. The jail is loaded with safety cameras, laser detectors, a platform, and several other puzzle elements, much like the past editions in this addicting series. The guard and the dog have many purposes and must be controlled to accomplish each level. As a player, your goal is to arrest all prisoners at all levels. They are the most dangerous and they aren't going to quit easy. You will get beat yourselves and you will lose the game if you approach an inmate just with the guard.

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