Bob The Robber 2

Join a Bob the Robber 2 unforeseen adventure! Clearly, Bob did not meet someone who told all burglars that they were terrible. It seems like the town is in danger and all the other heroes are engaged in other things. This time it's up to Bob to straighten things out. Help the local thief in this sturdy theft adventure save the city! Time to drag and cloak!

Control: Play the game with the arrow keys. To strike guard, use the space. Z, X, C keys to use an item ( if you have )


Bob the Robber series' second adventure 
— Stealth gaming puzzle platform 
— Gather good devices 
— Overcome many opponents and barriers

  A robber who saves a town is unusual, but in Bob's work line nothing is usual. He is delighted to make full use of his sticky inclinations and can pull off any criminal escapade with your assistance. Be ready to take a city tour from a point of view you never have. Bob the Robber 2 has ten levels, complete with surveillance cameras, security guards, doorways to the trap, and more! Each level has a goal you have to achieve to reach the level. This is usually about taking a certain thing without being detected. Locked doors, patrol guards, and security cameras will impede the way to the level objective. To open the doors, you can use your lock pick. It's a little bit more difficult to get past patrol guards. Hide in the darkness until you get a chance to sneak up from behind the passing guard and knock him unconscious. Security cameras provide themselves with a difficulty. Each has a blind area under the pivot point of the cameras. Just in those blind places, you will not be spotted without movement. You will also find shadows in rooms with security cameras in which you can mix. Once the cameras have passed, a new challenge in the shape of electronic doors will take place. To open them, you must destroy the circuit board. Fortunately, you may uncover additional devices throughout the levels or buy new devices with the cash concealed on each floor from the shop. The city hinges on how you can accomplish this robbery! Can you ensure that Bob is not busted?

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