Zombie Parade Defense 3

Zombie Parade Defense 3: The defense struggle in Twoplayergames.org begins its third episode! The zombies are much worse in the new show! We therefore recommend that you use 2 or 3 player modes to play the game. Do not touch newly introduced medical characters and get assistance from them if you play the game in 1 player mode! This will enable your foundation to live for longer periods of time. Don't hesitate to use the latest spider web protection system. You win the game if you can withstand 10 waves in all!


- Player 1: WASD keys to move, Q key to switch gun, E key to go in/out Base
- Player 2: Arrow keys to move, . key to switch gun, L key to go in/out Base
- Player 3: YGHJ keys to move, T key to switch gun, U key to go in/out Base
- To allow Weapons and Power-ups using mouse

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