Zombie Mission 6


The 6th episode begins with a brand new adventure Zombie Mission. They went to the desert after they took a map. The Zombie squad has abducted some hostages and taken them to the desert. Collaborate in the escape of the prisoners in the desert with your mate. There's mini-boss and mega-boss in Zombie Mission 6 that you have to derail. Make sure you boost the coins you win in order to defeat your guns and health bar! To see what you can buy, click on the market icon in between the tiers.

The new robots that have entered the game are available in crowded environments, and you can obtain additional strength in battle. Don't forget to pick all your data disks, too! You will switch to the next level in this manner.


Player 1:
- WASD keys to move
- F key to hit
- G key to grenade
- W key to jump
- Q key to choose weapons

Player 2:
- Arrow keys to move
- L key to hit
- K key to grenade
- Up arrow key to jump
- P key to choose weapons

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