Zombie Mission 3


Zombie Mission 3: Zombie Mission saga begins on the 3rd game of the series. You need to save the rehabilitation and data disk from zombies which have invaded different areas with vital human knowledge. Be mindful of the smart zombie pits. To solve puzzles and kill enemies, work with your colleagues!

Test the latest ice guns in the 3rd game of the series to save burning opponents! And only then will they disappear. You can also encounter eight other weapons on different opponents. Giant Zombie Bosses will also be there at the 8 and 16 levels! Set forth all the puzzles and struggle for human redemption!



Player 1 Controls
- WASD keys to move
- F key to hit or shot
- Q key to switch weapons

Player 2 Controls
- Arrow keys to move
- L key to hit or shot
- U key to switch weapons

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