Zombie Mission 2

Zombie Mission 2: Zombie Mission begins its mission with brand new stages. The data needed by civilization and the captives must be saved from the locations where zombies have been caught. You should take caution against the clever zombies' traps. To solve the puzzles and kill the enemy, you need to work with your mate. By using more powerful modern weapons in the new chapter you will progress more quickly. To complete the level successfully, you must save all the hostages and data discs. If you complete a total of 16 levels in Zombie Mission 2, the mission is successfully accomplished. Take care of the captives and kill zombies alongside your comrade.



Controls for Player 1 are as follows: 
WASD keys to move 
F key to hit/shoot 
keyto turn arms

Controls for Player 2 
Arrow keys to move 
keyto hit/shoot 
keyto switch arms

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