Vex 4


Vex 4 is an incredible stick platformer in which you must climb, leap, swim, and fly your way through nine difficult acts. It's the follow-up to the massively popular Vex 3, and it'll be equally entertaining and demanding for gamers of all ages.

In the realm of Vex, you are once again tested. There are numerous obstacles to overcome, and the outcome of each level is determined by your reactions. Can you complete this episode and become the Vex 4 champion? 

Control: To move, use the left/right arrows. To leap, use the up arrow. To crouch, use the down arrow (enter an act)


— Different trophies 
— 4th game in the series after Vex, Vex 2, and Vex 3 
— Cool physics and reflexes 
— 9 acts to play, with the option to play in hard mode 
— Challenge chamber with 30 floors to beat 

**Update: Vex 5 is now available, the long-awaited successor to the smash hit Vex 4. The game has a lot of new levels, trophies, and modes, and it's excellent, so you'll be blown away.

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