Sonic at the Olympic Games - Tokyo 2020

SEGA has released Sonic 2020, an official Tokyo Olympics Sonic web game. You must compete in a sprint hurdle event as either Sonic or Amy and grab as many coins as possible before stumbling. See how far you can go in Sonic at the 2020 Summer Olympics!


—To jump, use the left mouse button.
—After jumping over the hurdle obstacle, roll with the left mouse button.


— Official Sonic minigame for the Tokyo Olympics 
— Choose between Sonic and Amy to play as. 
— Gather as many rings as possible 
— Obtain achievements and the greatest possible score.

How to Play

Start the circuit with your favorite character! The objective is to collect as many rings as possible while avoiding falling over the hoop. Sonic is fast and the hurdles vary in size, so you must respond quickly to prevent falling.

Once you've mastered the fundamentals, you can earn a variety of accolades from the accomplishments menu. There's also a leaderboard where you may compare your best score to the scores of other players.


Sonic at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is a free online game that you can play right now in your browser. Within the game, you'll find links to download the full mobile version, which includes Dr. Eggman and a nefarious conspiracy to take over Tokyo. Sonic and his friends will have to stop him. If you enjoyed this minigame, make sure to check out the following sites!

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