Real-Offroad 4x4

Real-Offroad 4x4 is a free driving game in which you may test the driving abilities of 13 offroad cars while riding over challenging terrain and avoiding numerous obstacles.


- Arrow keys to move
- Space to jump
- C key to change camera

There are three game modes in Real-Offroad 4x4 game:

Offroad challenge
There are 64 hard levels in the offroad challenge mode. Here, all offroad tracks are created artificially. The goal is to overcome all obstacles and complete the level within the time restriction by using creative driving that reflects your offroad vehicle's capabilities.

Have you ever struggled to get past a particular stumbling block? Practice mode gathers all of the game's obstacles onto one map, which you can freely explore and try to drive over at any time.

Free Drive
Take a car of your choice and explore a village map at your leisure.

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