Ragdoll 2 Player


Ragdoll 2 Player is a simple arcade game to battle the enemy and win to the next level. You'll need to pick one of the many available ragdolls and try to stay alive in this game. It is very immersive, it is full of innovative ideas and simultaneously you can find it very entertaining and enjoyable. What is special about this Ragdoll 2 player at school.

You ought to clear the health bar of the opponent during your play to win. You don't only have to succeed, but you also have to do other things if you want to have 3 ratings, including winning in a certain period of time and getting a certain amount of fitness. Both of these little things are exciting, so you still stretch the limits and try a lot more immersive to play.

One has its own statistics such as an attack, defense, and difficulty so that you can conveniently select the ragdoll that is suitable for your style. You will go into the game and battle the opponent until you have chosen the ragdoll. There is also an infinite mode of Ragdoll 2 Player online, so there is also a way to measure your stamina.


Control: WASD keys for player 1, arrow keys for player 2


— A lot of characters 
— Beautiful action 
— 3 game modes. 
—A lot of characters to choose from

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