Project Grand Auto Town


Project Grand Auto Town is a wonderful simulation game in which you can enjoy your gangsters' fantasies! You will navigate the vast 3D urban landscape and attempt to reign over other competing gangs. You have to complete various tasks and attempt to make money to create your kingdom.

The gameplay is influenced and just as exciting by the iconic GTA series. To destroy your enemies, you can use guns. You could even rob cars and walk down the streets on a spree! Try to be today's worst and most violent gangster in the world!



Player controls
- WASD or arrow keys to move
- Space bar to jump
- P key to pause game
- R key to reload
- LMB to shoot/attack
- RMB to aim
- Mouse wheel to change weapon
- E key to enter a car

Car controls
- WASD or arrow keys to drive
- V key to switch camera
- Shift to use the side view


— GTA gaming influenced 
— A wonderful 3D image with lovely views of the city. 
— Countrymen and traffic 
— Free-to-roam 
— Several fun tasks to accomplish

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