Pixel Stories 2: Night of Payoff


Pixel Stories 2: Night of Payoff is a GTA-based 3D action game. 20 years after the first Pixel Stories 1, the game takes place and the plot goes on...

The game offers more demanding new missions than ever before. You need to keep a close watch on orders and you can go about the city with freedom to do what you want! As always!



WASD or arrow keys for moving 
E key for sitting/exiting 
B key for purchasing 
F key  for home savings 
Z,X keys for navigating vehicle 
LMB to shoot/attack
RMB to scope-up
B key to purchase
V key to change the view of car 
H key to return home


— Open-World discovery 
— GTA-style multiplayer 
— full-screen available 
— Storyline & missions
 Different guns, including a major weapon

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