Knife Storm


Knife Storm game lets you play in 3 separate gameplays with several single buttons. There may be 3 separate gameplay mode solo or 2 players.

You have to throw all the knives to a spinning table or fruits effectively in 'Classical' style. Could not touch knives! You ought to throw knives in "Shooting" mode for flying fruits, prevent bombs and look at the time that remains! You will attempt to trim the flying fruits with the mouse in the third mode, "Ninja"... You can win combo points if you can slice fruits synchronously. In this mode, you even have to watch for explosives! It's a game over when you slice a blast!


Control: Mouse or touch


— 3 gameplays distinct
—24 exclusive knives to be bought from the Store!
—Thematic sound effects and animations focused on Ninja and Far East!

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