Heads Mayhem


With Heads Mayhem starts a great adventure full of action! You can find eleven different funny game characters, eight different maps, and weapons choices in this game! In addition, as the Single Player game mode and 2.3.4 player game modes, there is 4 main game mode.

The players will have five lives if you start a new game. You should use weapons to get your adversary off the platforms if you want to defeat your rival. The most effective weapons in this game are the RPG, but you should be careful not to shoot them because they will cause you to collapse from their reverse force after they have been shot. Come on! Come on! Come on! Now call your mates and get the thrill!



- Player 1: Arrow keys to move, M key to fire, N key to bomb
- Player 2: WASD keys to move, H key to fire, G key to bomb
- Player 3: IJKLkeys to move, P key to fire, O key to bomb
- Player 4: 4568 keys to move, NUM 0 to fire, NUM 1 to bomb

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