You wake up in a musky chamber, open the door to a dark and unpleasant house, and hear spooky footsteps following you, only to discover that Granny is watching over you, making sure you don't leave her house.

Granny—highly-rated horror fun games unblocked that mixes the features of maze crawling, puzzle-solving, stealth, suspense, jumpscare, and even some action set in a very mysterious horror game—welcome to the merciless world of Granny. You must unravel the secrets that exist within the household while slipping away from Granny unobserved and praying that she does not find you roaming around her home, unbeknownst to what is truly going on.


- WASD or arrow keys to move
- H key to hide
- E key to interact
- O key to drop objects
- Left-Click to shot
- D key: Escape from Bear Trap
- S key: Car starting

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