Grand City Missions


Grand City Missions starts off with an amazing car game in a huge town with huge homes, wide highways and a huge stunt arena! There are two ways to play as a race and profession.

17 missions, including races and missions, are exciting in the career game. Any of the events go into the stunt arena which include transportation tasks, auto racing, driving abilities and explosive explosion missions inside the area. You can win GP if you can complete any task successfully. These GPs allow you to open the rim forms from the customization menu from the garage menu. If you play this game mode in single player game modes, you can unlock career mode. If you play this mode in two player games mode, you'll just allow a free drive.

In Racing Game mode you can enter five events, consisting of four circuits and one sprint. If in one-player mode you run in these races you will win GP. If you enter as two players, you can compete against a partner for fun only. We strongly advise you to play this with two player games, since playing with one player is more enjoyable.

From the garage menu, you can pick each of seven different vehicles. This vehicles are self-equipped. The car can be adjusted to the individual menu in paintings and spokes.


- Player 1: WASD keys to move, F key to NOS, T key to look back, R key to restart car
- Player 2: Arrow keys to move, K key to NOS, L key to look back, O key to restart car

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