Duck Life 4

Duck Life 4 is a duck racing game which occurs once a prohibition has been lifted on genetically modified ducks. The ban on GE ducks has been in force for a year and now the world champion is up to you. Prepare the duck group to perform in six new places.


Speed program: To drive the duck, use the left and right arrows. Keep on the computer by jumping into the holes.
Endurance program: To drive the duck, use the left and right arrows. Avoid being struck by the dropping objects.
Reactions: 1234 to keep the duck under hand. By pressing the corresponding number, you will avoid the obstacles.

How to play:

You need to first learn the key skills of your duck to start playing Duck Life 4. Ride, fly, ascend and dive are examples of those skills. In order to win tournaments, you must improve these skills, so it is crucial that you do so first. Kick back and see how fine your duck is when you are about to race!

The preparing of the duck is important for gaining the currency. Collect coins and use them to buy duck feed to increase your amount of resources. Because Duck Life 4 has a maquillage shop, you can also purchase hats and duck eggs from your team with your coins.

New Levels

Duck Life 4's levels each have their own visual and musical style. In addition to new layouts and challenges from previous Duck Life games, the training levels contain new layouts and challenges. Duck Life 4's six core stages are as follows:

- Grassland 
- Swamp 
- Glacier 
- Mountains 
- City 
- Volcano

Teams of Ducks

There is a better sense of growth in Duck Life 4 than in previous titles. There is now a huge array of ducks with a variety of bright liveries from which to pick. After selecting the first duck, you can grow your squad by purchasing new ducks from the store. Build each duck with its own distinct set of abilities and use them to your advantage.

Increased Liberty

This time, the main menu is set in Grassland, a small farm town, with local ducks providing races and training exercises. Complete local challenges to win an invitation to the main event.

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