Cut the Rope: Magic


Cut the Rope: Magic is a friendly puzzle game where the Om Name character has been taken into an unusual realm of magic. You must help Om Nom gather and capture food. Gold stars! Each stage has to be fitted out with many cords – how and where you cut these cords will decide how the dumbbell goes down and whether or not it meets Om Name.

Think twice of the order in which the ropes have been cut and do not hesitate to use the unique skill that makes Om Nom a sweet little bird! Cut the Rope: Magic will keep you occupied for hours with an array of enjoyable stages, great graphics, and gameplay.


Control: Break off the rope by pressing the left mouse button.


—Transform into different supernatural beings 
— You should use the guide to help you overcome the stage 
—  Om Name is a sweet and legendary voice 
— More to be dealt with

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