City Car Stunt 3


City Car Stunt starts with enhanced physics for the 3rd game. City Car Stunt 3 is even more fun for more practical and spectacular cars! Try to finish six routes before the end of time! Each level releases a new car and enhances the strength for the next levels! To win the fastest car, you have to fight against time!

Show your skills on the large "free driving" map that was designed recently. You will play with your car on this plan such as darts, football and bowling. Without pressing time in the free mode, you can only do a few fun stunts. Using the car's ramps!



- Player 1: Use arrowkeys to move, N key to nitro, B key to look back
- Player 2: Use WASD keys to move, T key to nitro, C key to look back
- R key to restart level

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