City Bike Stunt


It's time to show off your motorcycle skills with the City Bike Stunt game! If you finish six different races in a row, you will be able to unlock powerful motorcycles. In each exciting stage, aim for the ramps and escape the barriers as you try to cross the finish line. Remember to use NITRO power when navigating long ramps! Continue by selecting "2 PLAYER" to play with a friend. Demonstrate to your pal who is the stronger motorcycle rider!

Show your prowess in the newly built massive "Free Driving" chart! There are several ramps and places where you can demonstrate your abilities. At certain points, you would be surprised. Come on, look them up!


- Player 1 : Arrow keys to move, N key to nitro, C key to change camera
- Player 2 : WASD keys to move, T key to nitro, Q key to change camera
- Level restart with R key

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