Bloxd-io is a block-based multi-player game consisting of different game modes: a parkour game whose aim is to successfully finish the maps

DoodleCube: a game of constructing artifacts on topics

EvilTower: a mission to hit the top parkour game. The Tower of Hell of Roblox inspires this game mode



- WASD keys to move
- Shift key or double-tap W to run
- C, Z, \, or Caps Lock key to crouch
- T key or Enter to chat
- B key to open shop
- / key to start command

Controls of DoodleCube :

- Place blocks: RMB
- Destroy placed blocks: LMB
- Blocks switch: number keys or the middle button of the mouse

- /rtv: Isn't this map fan? Vote for the sake of skip!
- /players: See the lobby for the new players
- /xp: See your XP and level
- /played: See how much time you've spent having tons of fun
- /nobuffs: Spin the maps on a different leading board without any buffs!