4 Colors Online

Welcome to the 4 Colors Online card game, played with 108 card numbers in four colors (yellow, blue, green and red) from 0 to 9.

Control: use mouse to play

  You will start the game with seven cards, and the only objective is for your opponent to lose your cards. If the card in the ground is of the same color as the card in your hand, you may stick your card in the ground, or you would pull a card out of the ground. There are five other cards in the game except those: Wild Draw, Wild, Draw Two, Skip.

Draw two: the player who puts a card on the floor can draw more cards from the next player to prevent the next stage from playing. This card can only be placed if the card is the same in the ground.
Reverse: The game starts on the other side after this card has been activated. For example, if the game is played from right to left, it's turned right. This card can only be placed if the card is the same in the ground.
Skip: Only one other skip card in the ground will position this one. The next player will be blocked by this card.
Wild: The card's player determines the color of the game card. One of the cards on the floor can be played.
Wild Draw: You will define the game color of the deck and in addition to that next player, you draw four additional cards and lose right next round.

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