Wings-io is a wildly entertaining and addictive 2D shooter in which you launch your journey as a fighter pilot in command of a small aircraft. All else starts in the same place and strives for the same goal: the top spot on the leader board. Fly around the map, knocking down anybody who dares to come into your iron sights with over ten different guns you can pick up along the way!

 Control: To drive your aircraft, simply use the mouse pointer to guide the nose; for firing, you can use either the left click or the space bar, whichever is more convenient for you.

How to play: In, you play as a fighter pilot, and your first goal is to eliminate everyone else. Note, it's a free for all, because everyone will definitely want to kill you at some point, so why not get the first shot? There are flashing orbs and weapon crates scattered throughout the world. The orbs are collected to boost your score and regain your health a small amount each, while the weapon crates are self evident in that they give you a random weapon of limited utility to use on your enemies. Keep in mind that these guns can be many times more powerful than the starting Gatling gun and will range from a rocket launcher to a Tesla cannon; it's truly a coin toss between ways to kill enemy planes!

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