Voxorp.io is a war game with several spaceships. Use WASD or the arrow keys to navigate the map. Click and hold on tools to mine them for experience. When you have enough xp, you will level up, which grants you a new ship and a variety of new modules for your ship. Modules are the means by which you can improve your ship. Drag them from your store to one of your ship's module slots to equip them. Each module is responsible for a distinct function (e.g. mining, attacking, speed boost). You can unlock more functionality and cool new features by adding a number of modules to your ship. Voxorp's aim is to generate points and ascend the leaderboard. To do this, you must first build a foundation!

 The toolbar at the bottom of the screen includes the buildings you can use in your foundation. Each building has a different price, so make sure you have enough money before attempting to buy it! You can position the buildings on the grid in the background by dragging them from the toolbar onto the map. So, what exactly are these structures I'm referring to?

Dynamo is the heart of every base; when it is charged, it drives the surrounding tiles. To power the dynamo, just click on it, and it will use money from your inventory to do so. Alternatively, you should choose a certain resource from your inventory.

Scorer is to produce scores for you on the leaderboard over time. The more scorers you have, the faster your score will be produced! Scorers, on the other hand, need electricity from a nearby dynamo (see above).

Turrets are essential for the defense of every base. When they come within range of an enemy player, they can target them immediately. However, keep in mind that turrets can only work if they are powered by a dynamo!

Walls are totally passive tiles, but they are inexpensive and have a lot of health, making them ideal for defending your fortress!

   You may have settled into a good little base and set up some scorers, but be careful! Other players have the ability to target you and your foundations. You will destroy your ship, modules, and everything in your inventory if you are killed by another player! If you decide to go on the offensive and destroy other players, you'll be glad to know that doing so will earn you xp!

Strategy tips:

- Priority should be given to leveling up the ship before beginning to create a foundation. When you have a higher-level ship with more mining units, gathering minerals for your base would be much simpler and faster.
- Make changes to the ship! You can change the modules in your ship at any time with no consequences, just make sure you're still using the right modules for the job at hand.
- Make use of the map's margins. Take advantage of the map edges as an infinitely strong wall on one side of your base, and create your base in a corner or edge of the map. (Note: there are fewer resources at the map's edges and corners.)

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