Tiger Simulator 3D


Tiger Simulator 3D is yet another great simulation game from CyberGoldfinch. Tigers are absolutely majestic and stunning creatures, and now you can see what it's like to live as one of these regal animals in the wild. You own a single tiger and must prowl through the wilderness in order to live and become stronger.

To provide yourself with sustenance and stamina, you must search for food and capture your prey – don't forget to drink water as well. Throughout the world map, you can perform different challenges for other animals and characters to win gold, which you can then use to improve your tiger's stats and power level. You can also find a tiger partner and start your own tiger family! Start your tiger journey by seeing what it's like to live in the wild today!



—To move the tiger, use the WASD or arrow keys. 
—Strike with the left mouse button, hop with the space bar, and sprint with the shift key.


THE TIGER FAMILY: You'll be able to start a family if you meet another tiger. The choice to have children becomes available as the character develops. You can create up to four children. Fighting and shooting will be supported by your kin. Any member of the family has the potential to change. This necessitates hunting and gathering fruit, followed by feeding the children or your companion.
- CUSTOMIZATION OF TIGER :You can alter the tiger's look however you like. There are a variety of skins to pick from. You can also personalize skins for your partner and baby. There is a chance for lovers of funny hats to don a number of different hats!
IMPROVEMENTS: There is a chance to improve the individual characteristics of family members as well as characteristics that impact all tigers in the family at the same time. Don't hesitate to work on the characters! Gain expertise by doing duties and hunting. After gaining a rank, the character can spend it on attack points, energy, or life. There are also special skills that help you to increase your speed, gather more food, obtain more resources for game actions, and so on.
MANY CREATURES: You will come across a variety of species on your trip. Some are calm, whilst some are very violent. In addition, the tigers will face off against risky managers.
QUESTIONS: Participate in a variety of activities. Often you'll have to chase wildlife, sometimes you'll have to search for old relics, and sometimes you'll only have fun by firing fireworks. It's impossible to predict what the quest characters would want you to do.

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