Sumo-io is a free iogame that involves dodging and bumping. Develop into the low poly sumo wrestler you've always wanted to be. Sumo .io only allows you to step right, arc left, or retreat. However, keep in mind that retreating is not advisable since the whole purpose of the game is to overpower the enemy and knock them off the map. To gain mass and height, move quickly, double-tap, and eat sushi power-ups. You can run a little slowly, but when you control 20% of the board, you don't need to move quickly. What you have to do is travel wisely. Think strategically, anticipate where the enemy will be, cut them off, and press the button harder, quicker, and with more iron will than they will ever beat. If you wish to be the best Sumo wrestler, you must be disciplined and honorable. This is a fun game in which you can wrestle sumo in real-time with players from all around the world. Do you think you've got what it takes to be the best sumo wrestler?

 Control: To shift the wrestler, use the WASD or arrow keys.

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