Soccer Legends 2021


Soccer Legends 2021 is yet another epic installment of this fun 2-player soccer series. There are a plethora of new stars and teams to enjoy from different game ages. You can play against AI opponents alone or with or against a rival.

The controls are straightforward, and there's even a friendly two-player cooperative game mode. See how many goals you can score and how you can take the stars of the 2021 Soccer Legends to victory!



1 Player Controls
- Move: left and right arrow keys or AD
- Jump: up arrow key or W
- Slide: down arrow key or S
- Shot: X or L
- Supershot: Z or K

2 Player Controls
- Player 1 move: AD, jump: W, slide: S, shot: B, supershot: V
- Player 2 move: left and right arrow keys, jump: up arrow key, slide: down arrow key, shot: L, supershot: K

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