SharkAttack-io is an enjoyable arena game. Everyone likes to hear that there are a lot of fish in the water, but what they don't say is that all of those fish are dangerous. You may believe you are swift, or that you are large and strong, but as a wise old Jedi once said, "there is always a bigger fish." Perhaps, with time, practice, and experience, you can be the bigger fish. You're either huge or you're dead in Increase your size and speed by eating plankton and smaller bottom-dwelling fish, then use your newfound size to hunt down and eat other players. In this 2-D arena game, sharks eat sharks. In this epic online multiplayer video, use your brains, reflexes, and a little luck to become the biggest shark in the sea. If you compete against the other sharks in the water, try to develop your fish. Eat the smaller sharks as you work your way up the leaderboard to become the largest fish.


- Navigate your shark around the arena by using your mouse.
- Avoid larger sharks and threats when attempting to consume as many plankton as possible.

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