Rich City

Rich City is a zombie survival game in which you must fight to survive the apocalypse! In this enjoyable and exciting multiplayer survival game, you must train to become either a human or a zombie.


- To pass, use W,A,S,D.

- Spin the mouse pointer.

- B to open the store for humans.

- To use objects, use the left mouse button.

- To lower objects, use G key

- To pick up things, use E key

How to play: 

When the game starts, players must buy items to find safe areas to hide in order to prepare for the zombies. With just 10 seconds before the apocalypse, certain players will become ill and attempt to spread the infection across the map. Weapons keep zombies away from survivors, while other weapons have special effects that can help you maneuver and shift obstacles across the area.

To win this game, all zombies and survivors must work together. To infiltrate the rooms and infect the hostages, the zombies must form massive hordes. Humans must use furniture to lock the doors and keep zombies out.

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