Push The Box 3D

Push The Box 3D is a simple platform game in which you must solve puzzles to advance through the stages. Put on your thinking cap and press the play button!

Control: Mouse to interact, WADS/ Arrowkeys to move


- Adorable 3D graphics 
- Enjoyable puzzles to solve 
- Good brain teaser 
- A good choice for casual gamers

  Are you sick of the same old shooters and racers and searching for some brain games? Push The Box 3D is just what you're looking for, and with its adorable graphics and fun puzzles that get more complex with each level, it's the ideal brain teaser. You play a cute duck in this puzzle game, and you must move boxes around to build or open up paths for you to step on to reach the end of the stage. Each level is pleasant to play, and when you complete it, it will reflect the amount of moves you made. If you want a puzzle, try to solve them with as few steps as possible. Push The Box 3D is a fantastic casual gameplay experience that you can try out if you have any spare time, so don't miss out! Browse our growing online gaming library for more free games; there's something for everybody. Click the play button to partake in the game!

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