Piaf.io is an online game in which you play as a piaf. You will grow bigger and larger by moving about, dashing around, and swallowing little food pellets until you are the largest piaf on the server!


— Switch with the AD or the left/right arrows or the mouse button 
— Sprint with the space bar 
— Catch with the WSP

How to Play Piaf.io

1. Use your Balls and Rings to attack or protect yourself - each Dash briefly renders you untouchable, deactivates one Ball, and builds a killable Ring!
2. Take up to three piafs that are bigger than you and eat them. The piafs are slowly absorbed by your body, but they will dash out after a few seconds.
3. Personalize your skin to your liking, and show it off to the world!


— To Dash, you must have at least one working ball.
—During a Dash, you are untouchable.
—Grab to quickly consume a piaf!
—Eat piafs to gradually digest their mass.
—With 3 Balls, you can eat up to 3 smaller piafs.
—Eaten piafs can escape by traveling inside the body.
—Aim for the large piafs to consume their foods.

   Piaf.io is a fantastic.io game in which you must fly a bird or Piaf and use the ball to knock other Piafs out of the sky. Your ball rotates throughout your body like a planet around the sun, and you can gather more by consuming the food spread around the world. Your bird can fly downwards by default; you can only control its upward flight by using the left and right arrow keys. Keep the Piaf flying by not touching the red outer field as you move across the map. You can eliminate other Piafs by smashing them with your spinning disc, and you can even use the space bar to speed up the Piaf. However, when you use the pace upgrade, the ball can shrink in size. Your Piaf grows in size as you gather more food. Will you conquer the heavens and rule with a massive Piaf?

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