MegaChess-io is a turn-based multiplayer online chess game. Play cooperatively with your teammates to defeat the opposing team.


—Click the left mouse button to choose and switch items. 
—Drag the left mouse button or use the arrow keys to move the camera.


—Simply sign up for the game and begin playing.
—Use the mouse wheel (or + and - on the keyboard) to zoom in and out.
—Use the arrows to pan , press and drag.
—The menu is shown when you press the Escape key.

With a few variations, the rules are similar to those of regular chess.

1.Instead of a regular turn, every turn is timed for 25 seconds.
2.Pawns can go in any direction (but can still only take diagonally.)
3.Bishops can move 1 square horizontally or vertically once per piece (because they start on the same colour)
4.Unlike in real chess, you are not required to make a move.
5.Checkmate does not imply defeat; you must take a king (or have your king taken) to defeat a player.
6.When you take a king, you get all of the pieces that the king once ruled over, allowing you to build a formidable and strong army!
7.During your turn, you can move a minimum of four times (each time with a different piece) and a maximum of sixteen times (gaining an additional move for every four pieces you win from the original sixteen).
This game does not have En Passant or Castling.
9.Pawns are also unable to be promoted in this game. First, because the board's edge is too far down, and second, because pieces can be obtained by other ways.
10.The turn clock is located at the top of the frame. It cycles from black to white, and while it's white, all of the light-colored pieces can move, while when it's dark, all of the darker pieces can move. When the other team starts going, the pieces will be kicked off the board if you want to get the last turn in.

The results are as follows.

- A king capture is worth 100 points plus 100 for the piece.
- Queens are worth $50 each.
- Bishops are 25.
- 30 rooks
- Knights score 20 points.
- 10 pawns

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