Juice Production Tycoon

Juice Production Tycoon is a game of click, which cuts and juices fruits. Buy fresh fruit, cool your juicer and spontaneously yield juice. The center will have a special mechanism mounted. Two panels with separate icons are seen on each page. Last of all, the purchase of cheap fruit. They are broken into bits and pushed for juice while in the mechanism. You will sell and make money on the market. You can purchase more costly fruit or upgrade the tools in the workshop with the proceeds.

Control: Touch and mouse

How to play Juice Production Tycoon:

Click berries, win cash, and purchase updates. This is the cycle that continues to produce Tycoon in juice. Often you can see a big golden apple, click on it to see an ad, and get a prize.

*Chopping fruit:
The easiest way to get money is to press on the fallen apples easily. This gives you the first bit of cash to purchase improvements. The majority, which improves with improvements, can be left on the blade. Upgrades for juicers include items like blade speed, impact, types of fruit, and more.

*Juice Production:
You can have keys to the juicer after you've purchased enough modifications to win $1K. Here are some new updates, and you're going to have to market the fruit to make it yourself. Upgrades to the juicer include transport level, glass capacity, etc. You will open the creation of the jam and use the remains of the squeezed fruit until you are masterful of the juicer. There is also a range of upgrades, as you might expect.


— Gain money by clicking, cutting, and juicing fruit 
— Various improvements to maximize yield and benefits 
— Many development volumes to extend operations quickly. 
— Let it go to see the river of money

  Juice Production Tycoon.io is a gradual game where you chop to make profits. You can upgrade your manufacturing line with the money you receive for more exotic fruit and better equipment. Become the best juice manufacturer in the town of Juice! 

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