Audiogame-io is a reimagining of classic race and reaction play. The beat is your reference in this game, and the melody will award you points. Get into a rhythm as you look for sample streaks to boost your total victory score and escape a poor trip by dodging the cinder blocks that clutter the track. This is a driving game with a space theme in which your tempo, hand-eye coordination, and concentration can decide your outcome. The best part is that you can customize the levels by downloading your favorite racetrack, which will then create a new personalized racetrack. Not only can you be jamming out to your favorite songs, but you'll still be doing so as you travel across the final frontier, grabbing points dropped by the same melody you're cruising along to! It's meta, it's meaty, and it's a lot of fun! Audio game io is a browser-based game in which you race your favorite songs - Race on a loop that adjusts to the song and collects samples that complement the tempo. And, if you're feeling optimistic, aim for the highest possible ranking!

 Control: To shift lanes, use ASD or the left/right arrow keys.

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