Aquar-io is an ocean-themed team-based free-for-all adventure game. Aquar .io is the next-generation counterpart to the well-known io game. Aquar io is an addictive aquatic world full of amazing journeys and hilarious fights! Begin by playing with a small Queen fish and gradually expand your education. On your aquatic experience, you will encounter a variety of sea creatures. Some will happily enter your school, while others will become aggressive. You will discover several game secrets that will assist you in being the real master of Aquario's deeps!


—Guide your Queen fish with the mouse pointer.
—To strike, use the left mouse button or the W key.
—To combine the animals, use the right mouse button or the Space bar.
—Hold down the right mouse button or Space for an extended amount of time to consume your own animals.
—To zoom in and out of the view, use the mouse wheel or the + and - buttons.

How to play: Begin by using a single Queen trout. Feed it sea creatures. Piranhas are born after a queen fish gives birth. Expand and combine your school of fish to make it bigger. Meet other sea creatures and invite them to your classes. And, of course, you must engage in combat with other players!
Keep an eye on your Queen trout. If your Queen fish dies, the game is over. Attempt to beat the other player's Queen fish and take their school - this is the quickest way to expand the school. It is, though, more risky at the same time. Collect free sea creatures, and they will attend your kindergarten. Best wishes for your ocean voyage!


— A online angler fish fighting game 
—Beautiful underwater world of varying light levels 
—Neutral fishes you can recruit to join your army 
— There are two game modes: FFA and Teams, each of which can be played in fullscreen mode.

Special tip: You should use the right mouse button for more than just combining monsters. If you keep RMB for a long time, your queen can devour your own school of fish and gain experience. It moves to the next stage of evolution after acquiring the requisite amount of experience (see queen fish icon in the left-top corner of the screen). Each level of development strengthens your queen and grants her a new special talent.

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