Agario3d is a no-cost .io Game. Welcome to an online game in which up to 30 players will participate at the same time in any of the game's rooms. The game's mechanics are rather basic, and it unfolds in a small grid in which colored candy dots reflect the food for players to search. The trees are used strategically because they block the player's view, allowing smaller or newer players to hide there and defend themselves from larger predators. Players are portrayed by domes that can be decorated with the game's skin pictures. Players begin the game with little mass and a small scale, giving them the appearance of being fragile; however, having less mass allows you to travel more quickly and get to where the food is more easily. You start searching for opportunities to feed yourself in order to gain more mass and be bigger than before; for new players, it is much better to go to points on the map where there is less competition in order to feed much faster and expand. When two players meet and one has less mass than the other, and if they clash, the player with more mass devours the other like a cockroach. The domes with more mass become very sluggish, and to compensate, they can break into two pieces, allowing the player to control two smaller but much quicker domes with which he can corner his enemies much more efficiently. A table with the names of the players with the most mass in the game can be seen at the top right of the screen. Compete to be at the top of the leaderboard in the space you're in.


—To be noticed on the leaderboard, start with the name of your choosing.
—Using the mouse to guide the dome's direction.
—Use the space bar to divide the dome into several parts.
—To share mass with other domes, press the Z key.

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