2 Player City Racing 2

2 Player City Racing 2 is a new unique car game in which you can gain an advantage over the other drivers by using power-ups and strong driving skills.

 Control: WASD and Arrow keys

PokaGames.com is proud to present 2 Player City Racing 2. This is a driving game in which speed and the power-ups you can earn along the way play a significant part. You must be careful how you drive the car so your driving rivals will still accumulate power-ups and use them against you. Each power-up is special and is allocated at random if an Item Box is picked up. You can acquire the following power-ups: Atomic Bomb, Canon, Light, NOS, Oil, Missile, and Shield. To achieve an edge in the race, make sure you use them at the right time. - race track is unique in its own way, and it is up to you to make the right decisions in order to cross the finish line first. This game can also be played in two-player split-screen mode, so invite a friend over and race each other. You will play 2 Player City Racing 2 and a variety of other free games at PokaGames.com. Let's run! Press the play button.


- Attractive stylized graphics
- Power-ups that can change the way you race - Controls that are easy to master
- Split-screen mode for two players
- Quick-paced gameplay

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