Mini Survival

Mini Survival game is based on an outstanding premise, graphics, and gameplay. In a nutshell, you start from scratch in a pristine natural environment teeming with plants and animals. In either case, as a human, you will gather plants, timber, stones, and other materials to make simple tools, weapons, and shelter. Aside from celebrating the development and evolution, you must preserve your wellbeing by resting, smoking, and drinking properly. The objective of the game is to live as long as possible. And now comes the game's most serious issue. It's completely unknown how to eat for any reason or due to a malfunction (if even possible). You can catch a fish and cook it over a fire with potatoes just as instructed in the game, but when you try to eat what you fried, you can't find a way to do so, resulting in death from starvation. You'll actually end up in the game regardless of how much food you collect. This completely ruined an otherwise fantastic game. Regardless, the gameplay and visuals are cool, and it deserves at least a short playthrough.

 Control: WASD to move, use mouse to play

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