Headless is a life-or-death 2D fighting game in the.io format. Instead of avoiding obstacles, you destroy opponents in this game, which borrows from Flappy Bird's straightforward game mechanics. The stronger and more powerfull weapon you have, the more opponents you kill. The game takes place in a dark world bounded on the top by the heavens and on the bottom by lava. You should fly in the middle on your winged steed, so you are not alone. There are a slew of other enemies, all of which are vying for survival. There are no rules; it's as if you're living in the Wild West: kill or be killed. All players begin with the same force, but as the game progresses, each slain opponent increases the player's power. The game is a multiplayer.io game that takes place in real time. There will be no AI bots.

 Control: Use mouse to play
Features: Flappy Bird-style controls and a fun side-scrolling game! Dragon skins, ammo, and heroes come in a variety of colors.

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