AdventNEON is a fast-paced, hyperactive 2D action platformer influenced by retro games such as Sonic. Punch robot cops at lightspeed while double-dashing and comboing them. When do you believe they'll get the upper hand on you? Dash across them to avoid time, turn around in circles, and end with a rewarding counterattack! Adapt until you've reached 100 percent of your strength to remind everybody how invincible you are. 

The focus of AdventNEON is on vibrancy, responsiveness, and independence. Easy, tight (and remappable) inputs, flexible and dynamic mobility choices, and lightning-fast fighting give you the freedom to hop around and beat down as you please. My intention is for the game to be so enjoyable that you will be happy to play it anytime you want. It draws heavily on all of the games and characters I loved as a kid, so you might see some of that here.

 You take on the role of Neon, a rare robot with the ability to absorb Resonance energy and scale up in strength fast. The more Neon beats them up, the more powerful they get, until they're a near-unstoppable snowball of destruction. What's the catch? Neon can't hold this amount of strength when they're struck, and they can't survive a lot of hits in general. Neon is extremely fast and strong, but they can only keep up that level of success if they stop taking damage and continue to hand it out.

  You can transform and be able to unleash 100% of your power if you can completely sustain the flow of Resonance. When all in your direction fails to keep up with you in this shape, you will become quicker, heavier, brighter, meaner, and greener.

 If you want Celeste? Its dash can be seen twice. Let your imagination run wild. All can be stopped. Against your rivals, launch a counter-offensive. If you like, you can hack and wavedash jump cancelTM.

  If you like platform fighters? Neon has a well-rounded lateral move package, as well as the potential to send enemies offscreen for a rewarding blast KO.

 You can cancel almost everything into everything else in battle. Build your own variations. Strike, shock, and flee. Begin the combination with a slash. Send a barrage of punches your way and make time stand still like it's a [redacted] comparison. Dashes are a great way to take out opponents. Teleport behind the opponent to use a powerful Split attack to finish them off!

 You don't need to recall any perfect combination routes or buttons; simply hit and don't get hit, and you'll win no matter what your playstyle is!


- [Action]: [Keyboard input] -- [Gamepad input]
- Move: WSAD/Arrows -- Left Stick/D-Pad
- Jump: Space bar/C -- Bottom Face/Left Bumper
- Punch: P/Z -- Left Face/Right Face + Direction
- Dash: O/X -- Top Face/Right Bumper + Direction
- Break Attack: Hold Dash + Press Punch + Direction (can also be done with the Right Stick on Gamepad)

- Absolute gamepad support 
- Inputs can be remapped in the options menu 
- "Tap up to Jump" can be activated 
- Gamepad Stick The deadzone can be set somewhere between 10% and 85% of the gate radius.

  You can open a Visualizer for your inputs by going to Options -> Video -> View Inputs to make sure your gamepad controls are functioning. Regardless of what's going on in the video, these display the real-time inputs from your controller.

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