Road of fury desert strike

The President needs you to save the planet in Road of Fury: Desert Strike! You are the one on whom he can count! Come on! Come on! Come on! You are waiting for the mission. Spring on your car and destroy your enemies!

Control: Mouse


— Cars unlocking
—3 various drive area 
—2D graphics 
— Controls of intuition

 In this fascinating game, the world collapses, but the Corp does have an essential task to unite. You're the one on whom you can depend. From there, the Horseman gang is the rubble on the south. The Gang boss Duke desperately needs one thing. Your task is to discover and accept him. The Corp does not currently have the cash to reimburse you. But for every adversary you kill, you're compensated, so you may make money yourself. You can click the Play button in the main menu when you are ready. You'll first see the garage as the game begins. There will be 3 driving locations and one would have to unlock a goal distance. Your personality drives in the game on its own. All you have to do is operate your weaponry with your mouse to target your foes. Don't forget that! Don't forget! You're going to get compensated for every opponent you kill. You may use this cash to unlock and modify your cars using different devices. You are ready for the assignment? Destroy your adversary and grab your money!

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