Doodle Jump


Snorkeling Hop to Doodle Jump to your top. Hop up your path. You leap to infinity, capture booms, and avoid enemies along the way, this spanning platform game. Move up! Move up! Move up!


Left and right arrow keys to move
Left click to shot


— Fun, infinite game playing 
— Power-ups to boost you 
— Various difficult hurdles
— Simple desktop and mobile performance

How to Play

Endless Jumping
Just move left to right to get to the platforms to play Doodle Jump. To shoot, right-click. The gameplay is limitless, therefore leap to your highest score as long as possible.

In Doodle Jump, there are several methods to go faster and make your score faster. The first approach to make your tiny alien jumpier is to use the springs. You will also find rocket boosters and a propeller helmet to further accelerate you.

In addition to stimulating the alien to new heights, there are hurdles to the game. The first hazard you will face is brown contact platforms, though they are a minimal concern.

The worst threat is foreigners. Be careful to save yourself by moving too quickly to prevent headbutting. This also makes shooting and moving ahead simpler.

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