Grand City Stunts

In a big city, the Grand City Stunts game begins a very long trick and driving experience! This game consists of stunts and breeds where you can play one or two players. CPU racers will participate in all the races together with you and your pal. You can finish the race first if you want to win a payout.


- Player 1: WASD keys to move, F key to nitro, T key to look back, R key to respawn, Space to handbrake
- Player 2: Arrow keys to move, K key to nitro, L key to look back, O key to respawn, Right shift to handbrake

There are large car customization choices for visuals and results in the main menu of the game. You will upgrade your car's motor, brake, handling, nitrous oxide, and turbo options with the performance customization portion. You can paint your vehicle, change your tire and paint wheels and use vinyl on your car with the visual customizing section.

Eight races are in racing mode. Either single or two players will compete in these races. If you play in Single Player Contest mode, you can win money, but the profit option is disabled in two-player Contest mode.

In search mode, six stunt missions can be completed. You will be well rewarded for these missions. And in search modes, you can drive without traffic within a city after completing all the quests.

You will launch the game in free drive mode in a city with traffic. In this mode, you can also earn money. You will find and accumulate cash stacks at random locations on the map. Stunts can be made in the stunt ring, or traffic may be carried by the driver. Either single or two players will play this game mode too. Are we supposed to start?

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