Taming.io is a 2D survival game set in a forested environment. In the game, the player controls two characters: yourself (human) and your own pet of choice. There are many pets to choose from in the game, each with its own set of attributes. The game is a classic example of.io games: easy to play, difficult to win. The objective is to stay alive for as long as possible while achieving the highest possible score. To do so, you'll need a tactic - you'll need to collect strategic resources and avoid making enemies with other animals. With each passing year, the player's abilities improve. The game also allows you to build multiple structures for defense and mining.

 Control: WASD to move, use moue to play

 Controls for pets:

- Shield button: Your pet will defend you.
- Sword button: Except for sleeping infants, the pet attacks all beasts it encounters.
- Hand button: The pet will no longer pursue you and will remain in its current stance.
- Skill button: The pet's special ability is activated.

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